We’ve Moved!

    Darling Readers, we’ve moved! Freidafroo has been evolving slowly since our start in 2009, and has become more of a brand than just a blog. I have welcomed some people to… Continue reading

Lemonade Stand

Last Spring, Freida suddenly had a pint-size business epiphany, and set her heart on selling bracelets. She had been making Rainbow Loom creations all year, and when she had perfected her fishtail designs… Continue reading

Motherhood Tips

I really don’t think I would be enjoying motherhood as much (or have gotten through the intensity of new motherhood as well) without the tips and advice from other mamas. There’s just no… Continue reading

My Kids Favorite Apps

I’ve been so caught up with work that I put my Pesach travels completely on the back burner. I literally didn’t even go back to the flight reservation email to check what time… Continue reading

Babyccino “Spring!” Curriculum

Hey Ladies! Babyccino has some fresh new material! The Spring 2014 curriculum has just landed last week, and the theme is “Spring!” – featuring the elements of the nature around us via plants,… Continue reading

Water Play

I’ve been on the fence about giving Freida swimming lessons this Summer or waiting until next year. I feel like kids in LA really need to be swim safe in general, and I… Continue reading

Maid Easier

I have a friend here in LA who actually went to college. And graduated. With a Masters. She speaks a really good Spanish, and many of us had been hitting her up endlessly… Continue reading

Pretzel Challah

I’ve had this blog post bookmarked to try for months, seems like the perfect time to attempt this perilous pretzel challah recipe with Pesach fast approaching. Join me in this baking breaking-bad-style? pretzel… Continue reading

Wes Anderson

And I thought I was particular… Apparently Wes Anderson has a thing for perfect symmetry. I’m not generally a big movie goer, as I’m notorious for falling asleep at about 78 minutes in.… Continue reading


Recently, I had a little triumph involving tools*, and it finally got me to sit down and post about Goldieblox. A draft of this post had been sitting in my outbox since Chanukah… Continue reading