Lemon + Wild Blueberry Hamantaschen

Well. I haven’t been on this thing in quite a few months. But there’s nothing like a holiday recipe for a quick comeback! I made a big batch of hamantasch dough for Babyccino,… Continue reading


I’ve been majorly MIA. And while I miss writing so so much, I’ve been doing my fair share of actual penning in my leather-bound journal. There is just so much going on inside… Continue reading

Get Your Own Babyccino!

Well Folks, Babyccino across the board is just wrapping up a very successful Fall Series that was titled “Neighborhood and Community Helpers” (check out a slew of photos from many different communities on… Continue reading

Stop Forced Learning

This should hang in every preschool classroom:

Apple Cider Donuts

Freida and I made a little impromptu pit-stop at BabycakesNYC last week, and I indulged myself (and all my senses!) with an Apple Cider Donut. My mind was blown. When I got home… Continue reading

Artist: Maja Lindberg

I was working on a blog post for a company recently, and was researching the Dreamworks logo (you know the boy fishing from the moon?), and I happened upon a children’s artist that… Continue reading

A freidafroo Facelift

You may have noticed some design changes going on around here today. That’s what happens when I spend the holidays with my wildly creative design-genius of a brother, Yossi – complete re-branding awesomeness… Continue reading

Babyccino: DIY

After many many inquiries from women looking to re-create Babyccino (I’ve mentioned Babyccino here, here, and here), and me getting tired of spotting knock-offs and working damage control, I’ve finally decided to put… Continue reading

Fun with Fiete

Since my¬†initiation into modern adulthood, I’ve discovered some simply fabulous apps that have slightly changed my mind about things. It’s taken some time to sift through the junk and come out with some… Continue reading

Fig + Olive Oil + Sea Salt Challah

My breath deepened when I read this Challah recipe. I was immediately imagining the aroma this Challah must give off… fresh out of the over… sweet sticky insides, salty crispy outsides… mmm mm… Continue reading