Stop Motion Magic

I’ve been sitting for hours at the computer these past few days, catching up on boring work mostly, but I’ve been working on some fun projects as well. In any case, music is… Continue reading

Mod Men

Like most of my neighborhood right now, I’ve been completely enwrapped in the new season of Mad Men. The 2 hour premiere had me benched in its iconic riveting drama (I’m usually too ADD… Continue reading

Honest Photography

I know I’ve posted here before about the concept of honest photography, but I thought I’d revisit it once more via the most honest wedding photos I’ve ever seen. When we were in… Continue reading

Hipster Scripts

I was recently helping out a friend and working on some branding ideas for his startup company. While pouring over the internet for fresh and current branding inspiration I happened upon Hipster Script and… Continue reading

I’m Baaack!

Well, hello there readers. It’s been some time. Lots of time. Looks like I haven’t blogged since before Purim!! After getting some worried inquiries, and some friendly kicks in the pants, I finally… Continue reading

Love in a Matchbox

How adorable are these matchbox valentines?? I love that they are created from little everyday matchboxes and are made to look so customized and special! I also love that Valentines falls out so… Continue reading

Book of the Week: The Mitten

So, I’m not complaining. But the weather here has been driving me crazy! A few weeks ago I got an email from Freida’s school asking the parents to please send in winter coats,… Continue reading

Yogurt Covered Cranberries

I’ve been looking for some new additive-free snack ideas, some munchies that both the adults and the kids could enjoy, and these yogurt covered cranberries (via the kitchn) are at the top of… Continue reading

Fresh Love + a Roundup!!

New love always has me giddy with excitement and nostalgia…! So here’s what’s been going down that has just stolen my heart: my beautiful, sensitive, and intimidatingly-fashionable younger sister is engaged!!! I’ve been so… Continue reading

Steamy Pillow Talk

Remember the Alexandra Ferguson pillows from 2010? They’re still hot!! I keep spotting them popping up everywhere for Valentines Day, and I think these are the cutest, sweetest gifts of love! Stick them in the… Continue reading