Wes Anderson

And I thought I was particular…

Apparently Wes Anderson has a thing for perfect symmetry.

wes anderson

I’m not generally a big movie goer, as I’m notorious for falling asleep at about 78 minutes in. (I figure it’s a smidge of ADD – my attention span seems to cap off at a little over an hour – and so I’ve been sticking with small screen series that never disappoint and are over before I am).  But there are always those films that I get hooked on and totally look forward to seeing on the silver screen. And as you already know, I have a soft spot for Wes Anderson  and his incandescent indies. Can’t believe I still haven’t gone to see the Grand Budapest Hotel yet!! I’m on the fence about getting a sitter and going at night (risking being called back home by my babysitter that the girl/s are awake and crying for me mid-film), or carving out some time during the daylight hours to get in my Anderson flick fix. Until then, I’ll continue enjoying the soundtrack (especially Daylight Express to Lutz, and Traditional Arangement: Moonshine).

Anyways! I happened upon this Supercut of Centered Shots and I just can’t get over it. There’s always something so magical and mythical about his visual aesthetics, but I honestly never noticed this! I thought it was always more about the colors… Check this out:

P.S. I could still swoon for this Moonrise Kingdom nursery.