One Last Summer Scoop

So! The end of August is a little lad to be sharing Summer tips, but I’ve only just discovered the very best ice cream scooper EVER. And I figured I’d share the joy… Continue reading

Disney Princesses on #Instagram

Freida has definitely been bitten by the queen bee recently. She’s all aflutter with talk of princesses, castles, knights, and kisses. She was always overtly girly and perpetually in a tutu, but this… Continue reading

Cooler Tights for Warmer Legs

As the start to the school year comes a creepin’ up, and thoughts of holiday dinners and chilly evening Sukkos meals start cropping up on my radar, I start browsing around for warmer… Continue reading


Recently, we’ve all kind of been obsessing with Pogo Music Productions around here. It all started with Mary Poppins. Freida heard some kids talking about the movie at camp one day, and came… Continue reading

Book Report: Z

With the recent release of the movie The Great Gatsby, came a sudden worldwide infatuation with (the author) Scott Fitzgerald and the era of the flapper girls, otherwise known as the 1920’s. Personally,… Continue reading

Seasonal Snacking

I love these Summer months and the garden bounty that comes with them! Suddenly, my crisper drawer is filled with fruits and vegetables that not just taste juicy and succulent, but even smell… Continue reading

Book Report: A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Freida was home sick a few weeks ago, as seems to be our family’s summer tradition – an impromptu sick week in the middle of July. Hudi was sniffly and teeth-y, and Freida… Continue reading

Visually Fresh

My brother Yossi and his two equally-creative compadres Shloime and Yudi, just launched their pop-up shop selling (mostly YGD) original and inspired art to the masses! Visually Fresh is pretty much exactly what… Continue reading


We recently set-up a giant trampoline that we got from a friend in the backyard. The kids have been going wild on it, and it’s proven to be the most efficient sleep enhancer… Continue reading

Whipped Feta!

The concept of “nine-days dinners” tends to be a little cliched. Everyone seems to always be talking about how difficult it is to produce family-friendly nutritious meat-free deliciousness for a whole week. And… Continue reading