Perfect Puzzles

A few years ago I posted here about Kid O puzzles, the most aesthetically awesome and most practical puzzles on earth. But when Freida was actually ready for them, they seemed to be discontinued and… Continue reading

Fall Soup

Fall tends to bring with it a myriad of colds, flus, and generally runny noses. My kids have been sick non-stop this season! Freida’s teacher keeps telling me it’s because it’s her first… Continue reading

Sisters, Girls, Cousins

To me, there is really nothing quite like having sisters. I know I’ve posted about this before, but I’m just so grateful for the relationship and friendship that I have with my sisters.… Continue reading

Wild in Bed

I had been coveting this image of a chic black, white, and natural nursery since I pinned it about a year ago! And (thanks to SwissMiss!) I’ve finally discovered where one can get their hands on… Continue reading

Daylight Savings

Early mornings come a dime a dozen in this household. There’s this thing I have about sleep-training babies; when they wake up anytime after 5am, I go and get them and start the… Continue reading


I’ve had this post of uploaded photos sitting in my dashboard for a good couple of months now… And the only reason why I even noticed it today is because I have Freida… Continue reading

Paper Play

One of the reasons I completely adore hanging out with kids is that they are constantly reminding me to appreciate the littlest joys in life. Like, shredded paper, for example. I had originally… Continue reading

Sandy’s Power

Talk of hurricane devastation can be heard at most every coffee shop, office water-cooler-conversation, and definitely each refreshed Facebook feed. And while relief funds are vital and imperative (please click here to help!), sometimes… Continue reading

Falling in Love. Again.

Last week Hudi and I went on a quick jaunt to visit my family in Chicago, where we met up with my sister and her little babe as well. My sister Shterni had… Continue reading

5 Years of Love

Today marks 5 years since this post-wedding party stolen elevator kiss (that some mach-fast invisible photographer managed to snap!). :) Sometimes it feels like we’ve been married forever, as if I can’t remember… Continue reading