Magical Unicorn Pony

Ha! Freida would freak. Cutest cards + prints.   Advertisements


Leave it to Freida to figure this one out! While driving on the 10 west freeway heading out to the beach yesterday, Freida pipes up from the backseat, “Hey! This is funny –… Continue reading

The Rebbe on Having Children

Thinking about the Rebbe today… And how grateful I need to be for having access to his holy voice of wisdom and understanding.  

Weekend Round-up!

Happy weekend, dear readers! Hope it’s a long one for you and you’re getting a bit of a break thanks to MLK! I usually teach Hebrew School for Shul By the Shore on… Continue reading

So, How Was Your Day?

Vacationing in a different city always leaves me pondering my daily productivity. Not like how many tasks I crossed of my “to do” list, but more about how many quality activities I’ve gotten… Continue reading

The Best Moms Know the Heimlich

You know how at times we’re all in awe of that mom that cooly click-clacks in her heels across the toy spillage on the living room floor on her way out the door… Continue reading

Wedding Love

We’re all jetting out this morning to Miami for a few days to join in the family celebration of one of my closest friends; my brother Yossi and his hot hipster bride Tal!¬†We’ll… Continue reading

Rock & Scissors

It recently dawned on me one day that I hadn’t gotten Freida a proper haircut in a very long time. During the summertime I loved being able to whip it up away from… Continue reading


So! Who’s ready for 2013? Because it’s here. Hope your holiday was super-special and adventurous! Mine wasn’t. But that was okay. We were getting back into routine after having Freida home sick for… Continue reading

Torafu Architects

This morning I am being completely blown away by the works of Torafu Architects. I love when I find a concept or company that immediately compels and inspires me to do better work… Continue reading