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We’ve Moved!

    Darling Readers, we’ve moved! Freidafroo has been evolving slowly since our start in 2009, and has become more of a brand than just a blog. I have welcomed some people to… Continue reading

Lemonade Stand

Last Spring, Freida suddenly had a pint-size business epiphany, and set her heart on selling bracelets. She had been making Rainbow Loom creations all year, and when she had perfected her fishtail designs… Continue reading

Motherhood Tips

I really don’t think I would be enjoying motherhood as much (or have gotten through the intensity of new motherhood as well) without the tips and advice from other mamas. There’s just no… Continue reading


I’ve been majorly MIA. And while I miss writing so so much, I’ve been doing my fair share of actual penning in my leather-bound journal. There is just so much going on inside… Continue reading

Get Your Own Babyccino!

Well Folks, Babyccino across the board is just wrapping up a very successful Fall Series that was titled “Neighborhood and Community Helpers” (check out a slew of photos from many different communities on… Continue reading

A freidafroo Facelift

You may have noticed some design changes going on around here today. That’s what happens when I spend the holidays with my wildly creative design-genius of a brother, Yossi – complete re-branding awesomeness… Continue reading

Babyccino: DIY

After many many inquiries from women looking to re-create Babyccino (I’ve mentioned Babyccino here, here, and here), and me getting tired of spotting knock-offs and working damage control, I’ve finally decided to put… Continue reading

Grief. And Vulnerability.

Since I have started this blog, it has only been beneficial to me. When I first started up it was an attempt to make myself feel less lonely as a stay-at-home mom living… Continue reading

Raising Girls

Last night I went out with a friend of mine, just to grab a drink or two and gab about life. While sitting in a darkened industrial-chic bar and exchanging thoughts about childrearing… Continue reading

Magical Unicorn Pony

Ha! Freida would freak. Cutest cards + prints.