Get Your Own Babyccino!


Well Folks, Babyccino across the board is just wrapping up a very successful Fall Series that was titled “Neighborhood and Community Helpers” (check out a slew of photos from many different communities on the Babyccino Facebook Page) and we are now launching the Winter Series curriculum, titled “Babyccino Around the World”!! This comprehensive curriculum will feature all different types of arts, music, sensory, and play based around the themes of 8 different countries. Join the Babyccino team and bring this pint-sized journey around the world to your local community!!

Buy-in will include this complete package:

  • The rights to use the name “Babyccino”
  • The Babyccino promotional material – text altered to your needs
  • The philosophy behind Babyccino
  • The method to promote the classes
  • The complete classroom layout (including links for furniture purchases)
  • The Circle Time “how-to” (including song playlist and links for props)
  • The fully descriptive Fall 2013 Curriculum (including links for supplies)

The Curriculum consists of a “theme”/unit, the music playlist for that theme, and 8 detailed classes. (We will be selling 3 different curriculums throughout the year –  8 fall classes, 8 winter classes, 8 spring classes.) It basically lays it all out for you – you can practically spend one Sunday getting things together off the list of items detailed here, set them aside all ready-to-go, and never have to plan another mommy & me again. Seriously.

You should hit up the Babyccino facebook page to get an idea of what I’m talking about. There you can view full photo-documentation of all our previous classes and you’ll see what it’s all about.


So while it feels totally weird to shamelessly plug away at my own program here, I’m going to go ahead and do it anyways – because this is a class that should be happening everywhere. And it’s not just “Babyccino” – it’s the concept of a really good mommy and me! It’s a class that revolves around the concept of getting new moms out of the house and into a fun and vibrant environment where they can share in the sisterhood of mothering, and gives them a chance to enjoy their child and their role as mother in a positive and wonderful space! On that note, here’s what some of the instructors have been saying about working with the Babyccino curriculum:

Thank you Babyccino – this is just what I needed! Menucha does all the prep work for you and with minimal effort you have a beautifully packaged, chic, organized and fun mommy and me. The results are great too as more and more people keep signing up!

– Faya Lipskier, Chabad of the West 60’s, Manhattan


Babyccino is designed for the busy Shlucha, delivering a quality program without the hassle. It’s creative warm and engaging.

– Shternie Deitsch, Chabad of the East Valley, Chandler Arizona


We are loving Babyccino! The Moms can’t wait to see what the theme and activities will be every week. Everything about it is fun, warm, creative, colorful, educational… And so easy for me to prepare! It has been such an amazing way to draw in young families… The first week I had 3 moms,  and by my 3rd week I had 12!!

– Chana Herzog, Chabad of Encino California


Babyccino saved my sanity in the planning department! We are loving the program – in all its super-fun glory!!

– Feigie Ceitlin, Chabad of Tucson Arizona


Babyccino is a great program – both the moms and kids love it! The curriculum is professional and user friendly, with all the extra details included!

– Dina Levertov, Chabad of Scottsdale, Arizona


Join the team of women bringing pint-sized Jewish fun to your local neighborhood moms and their tots! Educating the start of the next generation has never been easier!!

For pricing, interests, and inquiries please email, and I will do my very best to help you get started immediately. Looking forward to working together!! :)