A freidafroo Facelift


freidafroo iconYou may have noticed some design changes going on around here today. That’s what happens when I spend the holidays with my wildly creative design-genius of a brother, Yossi – complete re-branding awesomeness (thanks Yos!!). Turns out, I hadn’t even haphazardly touched upon the design aspects of freidafroo since 2009!! It was high time for a little facelift – with a capital F (it’s actually lowercase, but you catch the drift). So! Please meet the new freidafroo icon, this quirky little f-based logo. And join me on a quest to note and love even the littlest things in life – be it our amazing little people, cute little toys, or simple little finds that make us happy.

I’ll be making a few more technical changes over the next few days, so please be patient if things like your RSS feed or subscription are briefly interrupted.

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