Babyccino: DIY

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After many many inquiries from women looking to re-create Babyccino (I’ve mentioned Babyccino here, here, and here), and me getting tired of spotting knock-offs and working damage control, I’ve finally decided to put in the time to create a complete Babyccino package. And, more importantly, I’ve finally finished it.

Babyccino is now for sale!

Buy-in will include this complete comprehensive package:

  • The rights to use the name “Babyccino”
  • The Babyccino promotional material – text altered to your needs
  • The philosophy behind Babyccino
  • The method to promote the classes
  • The complete classroom layout (including links for furniture purchases)
  • The Circle Time “how-to” (including song playlist and links for props)
  • The fully descriptive Fall 2013 Curriculum (including links for supplies)

The Curriculum consists of a “theme”/unit, the music playlist for that theme, and 8 detailed classes. (We will be selling 3 different curriculums throughout the year –  8 fall classes, 8 winter classes, 8 spring classes.) It basically lays it all out for you – you can practically spend one Sunday getting things together off the list of items detailed here, set them aside all ready-to-go, and never have to plan another mommy & me again. Seriously.

You should hit up the Babyccino facebook page to get an idea of what I’m talking about. There you can view full photo-documentation of all our previous classes and you’ll see what it’s all about.

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I know the timing for this launch is possibly the worst, but my life has been so completely overturned lately and I was really only able to get it together now… I figure it’s better for you to have it on your radar going into the chagim even if you can’t capitalize on it until afterwards. And! For those of you who are planning on having a mommy & me anyways and would love to join in this and promote it over Yom Kippur when Chabad foot-traffic is at it’s best, my graphic designer has a knack for working down to the wire, and if you’re really interested he can get the text changes done and the flyer to you ASAP. Because we’re good like that. :)

babyccino for sale

Join the team of women bringing pint-sized Jewish fun to your local neighborhood moms and their tots! Educating the start of the next generation has never been easier!!

buy babyccino

babyccino for sale

For pricing, interests, and inquiries please email, and I will do my very best to help you get started immediately. Looking forward to working together!! :)

babyccino for sale