Finally Loving Geometry


I’ve been so smitten by shapes lately. I don’t know if it’s some sort of raging fad, but I see shapes everywhere. And since I always hated geometry, it’s pretty funny how attracted I suddenly am to circles and triangles. I’m particularly loving the work of artist Mareike Boehmer. I first discovered her work when I fell in love with a pillow I spotted on Pinterest, and while I love Pinterest for inspiration, sometimes it’s a wild goose chase to find out where something originally came from and who the creative genius behind it is. After some sleuthing I landed on a Society6 site offering up a slew of her beautiful geometric pieces – all available in many different forms. How lovely?

2305006_7494554_lz  MAREIKE BÖHMER


So is it just me, or is geometry suddenly everywhere? I even noticed that the two albums I have running on repeat most days have geometric cover art!! (Check out Young the Giant and Wild Belle.)

young the giant cover art

wild belle cover art

This is the pillow I originally spotted on Pinterest, I’m wishlisting some to stash next to my kaleidoscope throws.


And I just love the subtle edginess of this – coveting for my new iPhone. :)