So, How Was Your Day?

how was your day?

Vacationing in a different city always leaves me pondering my daily productivity. Not like how many tasks I crossed of my “to do” list, but more about how many quality activities I’ve gotten around to doing. While traveling, the common focus is usually about squeezing in as many activities as possible (…if we’re on the beach by 10am we could do lunch nearby at that hot new cafe, and check out the street art exhibit in the afternoon, stop for ice cream, visit our cousins, be by sheva brachot for dinner, make it home on time to put the kids to sleep and still have a late-night swim and some fun in bed…!), and I’m often left wondering why I don’t push myself to do even close to that much on a regular day in my regular life!


I’m lucky enough to live somewhere I absolutely love (every time I return home from traveling I realize just how much I love LA!), and I feel like I don’t take nearly as much advantage as I should! For instance, Runyon Canyon (gasp below!) is practically in my backyard, and I really don’t go often enough. It takes me about 7 minutes to get there and always makes me feel brighter, more alive, and much much happier. If we were tourists vacationing here, I’d probably try and knock out an early morning hike each day! Not to mention the weather – how often do we actually hit up the ocean? Sure, in the summertime we go every weekend, but all spring long the beach trips are next-to-none…


While I was making a plan to figure out how I can accomplish more quality time on a regular day-to-day, I happened upon a site this week that inspired me even more – So, How Was Your Day? is the most simple journal-like content filled website that interviews a slew of random men and women about their day-to-day life, routines, food, and habits. It’s almost pathetic, reading these strangers journal-like logs on life, but on the other hand before I’m finished with an entry I realize I’ve learnt something new about how to be more effective, more efficient.  Plus, it’s weirdly entertaining to find that people in similar lines of work develop similar routine habits, and I love reading about all these different business women and how they seem to juggle their lives…

I’m going to try and revert my journal entries to 8th grade-esque, and log my mundane daily doings, for a little while anyway, and see if it helps me fit in more than usual. Starting with this weekend! :)

Have a happy long one!