Rock & Scissors

It recently dawned on me one day that I hadn’t gotten Freida a proper haircut in a very long time. During the summertime I loved being able to whip it up away from her sweaty little face and stick it in a bun on top of her head, or a swinging side pony. And by the time summer was over, I was finally having fun working her hair into a french braid or twisted-bun pigtails. In any case, I looked at her one day and realized she needed a haircut. Badly. And so we took to the pavement on Friday afternoon and walked down our street to Manasseh’s barbershop of choice: Floyd’s.


This place is original rock and roll. And I mean serious rock and roll. This biker chick with tie-dyed hair walks up to Freida and introduces herself as her stylist. Freida doesn’t even flinch; she smiles, introduces herself, and jumps up in the barber chair. I’m eavesdropping on their beauty-parlor conversation, and I can’t help chortle a little laugh when I hear Freida brag about being 3 years old. I don’t know why, but I love when little kids forget their recent birthdays! Mostly since they are so obsessed with their age (“3 and 3 quarters”) and who’s older than who etc. that I get such a kick out of watching her puff up her chest at the mention of 3, forgetting she just celebrated her 4th birthday. :)


Anyways! More about the haircut? A while ago I was sent a link to a new European company featuring hispter opticals for kids, and while the glasses were insanely awesome, my eyes went immediately to the hairstyles! They were so fresh, real, and natural, and all I thought about was my mother brushing out my hair while I kvetched and cried, and then placing a plastic toothy baret clip on one side of my no-longer-unruly head. For some reason that memory stirred wonderful childhood feelings, and I found myself longing to cut Freida’s hair to something similar to how I wore my hair as a little girl. And these folks did a great job at cutting it exactly how I wanted it. With a little rocker edge, to boot.

Seriously, how cute is this ad campaign for Very French Gangsters optics??

Very French Gangters

Freida was quite the trooper, and sat through this haircut beautifully.



Even amusing herself for a while by making faces in the mirror.


She did so well, they even gave her the complete treatment – whipping out the vintage massagers! (Now I know why my husband won’t go anywhere else.)



She got a little pre-Shabbos treat for doing such a good job, and we headed home. Now, I’m in search of some wonderfully retro clips and baretts!! Which, was the entire point of this post. Hit me up if you know where I can snag some of those snagging hair accessories!! :)



And next time you need a haircut, check out Floyd’s – the place rocks!!