Fabulous Wishlist

I’m so weirdly vulnerable to Fab. And while I’m not one to casually cave to impulse online ordering, at Fab it all just seems so available, so tempting, so irresistible! But alas, I’m resisting. Even so, here’s what my Fab wishlist looks like, since this is the gifting season after all, and I’m sure lots of you are on the market for just the right gift for him, her, or someone else:

1. Material Mash-up Hamper: I don’t even need a laundry basket, but this design concept of contrasting matter is just so wickedly cool!

2. Guns n’ Roses: I think I’ve been wanting this ceramic guns vase ever since my love affair with “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.

3. Nautical Knotted Bracelet: Dip-dyed perfection.

4. Comical Carryall: I first spotted this insanely awesome pop-cult-object on a random LA woman in an Apple store, and I have not been able to forget about it.

5. Retro Can: Need one of these for a cleaner, sleeker, and more discreet diaper disposal system than our open bathroom trash bin.

6. Reading Lamp: Solves a lot of problems. :)

7. Toilet Paper Strand: Would love to quirk-up my bathroom with this dud.

8. Space-age Space Heater: Our exorbitant electric bill for central heat is the only justification for this price tag. Plus, Dyson. Freaking. Rocks.

9. Bright Immersion Blender: I love the one I have, but would love to whip up some dairy blends. Cream of broccoli bisque, anyone?

10. Lovely Tea Time: Sunday brunch never looked this good. Love the cool colors mixed with the gold.

11. Wooden Gem Studs: Cutest, cleanest, greenest diamond earrings!

12. Arrow Marquee: Just what I need to brighten up the hallway (and point out the loo!).

P.S. If you’re not yet a Fab member (gasp!), get signed on up here.