Sisters, Girls, Cousins

To me, there is really nothing quite like having sisters. I know I’ve posted about this before, but I’m just so grateful for the relationship and friendship that I have with my sisters. (And now, with my sister-in-laws as well!) And that’s just the beginning. When my sister and I were pregnant together during our previous batch of children, I gave birth to a girl and 7 days later she had a boy. It was so wonderful and so much less lonely raising these kids together (even though we live apart). We would call each other about each and every stage of teething, colds, walking, biting, weaning etc. And it was never boring since everything about it was so relevant to each of us! And for me, being a first-time-mom, the experience of sharing was priceless. Getting together was always so much fun since our kids had a perfect playmate – same age, same stage – here’s an example. But! When we got pregnant together again, and both gave birth to girls… well, this is just a completely different story!

Our recent trip home to Skokie was just a little foresight into the future. We had such a great time hanging out together, showing off our little ladies while shopping the local fashion joints, sharing their clothes, splitting boxes of adorable little baby socks and other unnecessary sh*t. :) I’m so much looking forward to watching their pint-size friendship blossom, and helping cultivate its growth via lots of trips through the desert and plenty vacationing together. Sisterhood is such a wondrous thing, and I hear having a same-age, same-sex cousin is just as glorious. So! Here’s to sisters, girls, and cousins!!

P.S. How delish is Hudi’s perpetual bedhead? And Rivka’s little sky resort gettup? :))