Weekend Round-up!!

Happy weekend, girlies! We here in this house are overjoyed by the fact that it’s Sunday – been a filled week, and we are relishing in some family downtime! We’re half-way through Summer, and while it’s been a lovely low-key, slow-movement month, I definitely feel like there are some trips, home-projects, and activities I’d like to fit in before Summer’s end… So! While I (finally) take off my PJs and get dressed for the day, here are some things I’ve been checking out:

This windshield rainbow would bring instant “coolest mom” status to first week of carpool.

– I made this hilariously easy ice cream cake for a friend this weekend, it came out a little boring but the concept is a great dessert canvas! Add in some chopped candy bars, flavored coffee, cookie crumbs etc. for more of a gourmet effect.

– I’m suddenly feeling like I need an instant adult-only vacation!! Dreaming of lolling here…..

This + sparkling spritzers makes a great date-night dinner for the 9 days!

– Swooning over this little swing.

– I love Dwell Studio, and I’m going nuts over their new kid pattern wallpaper!!

These army men alternatives made me laugh out loud!

Herringbone nails?