Happy Father Day + Weekend Round-up!!

Hello friends! “Mommy Camp” had commenced on Friday, and with a sweet, bright and sunshine-filled start (frozen yogurt and hours at Coldwater Canyon Park), I’m very much looking forward to Summer filled with heaps of fresh air, frequent trips, and lots of hands-on learning! So happy to be able to spend the next few months watching my little girls laugh,eat, play, and grow – together.

Anyways, while I re-arrange and pencil in some more of our June lessons plans, and decide just how decadently we’ll be treating Mr. Dad tomorrow morning, here’s a list of things I’ve been checking out this week:

– A hilarious song (that Freida and I have been singing non-stop!) to kickstart your weekend!

– Can’t wait to make these oats + caramel bars this week to keep in stock for impromptu summer picnics.

– Wondering if I can pull-off neon eyeliner…?

– The absolute cutest little pair of baby girl shoes!!

Water blob’s look freaking awesome!! Will definitely be trying this out over the summer!

– More elephant awesomeness!

– Coveting this grey bathing beauty.

This new iPad app looks like heaps of artistic fun!

– Ha! Love this!!

Have a lovely weekend! And special thanks to all the Daddies out there – you make it all worthwhile!!!