365 Grateful

I got some interesting feedback on my birthday post. It seems these moments of reflection and gratitude seem to ignite some form of inspiration for everyone… Many women told me how reading it changed the way they looked at their morning; their day; their children. I know it works for me – in essence it’s the whole reason I started this blog: to journal, document, and reflect on what I’m grateful for. And it has worked wonders! As mothers, wives, and homemakers, our lives become so busy, rushed, and non-stop that we seldom get the opportunity to stop, reflect, and celebrate! We just keep going and going…! I wanted to share with you a project – one of the most wonderful projects I have ever happened upon, in the hopes that you can take something for yourself out from the general concept, and increase the quality of your happiness.

I want to start this myself, care to join me? Plus, Instagram makes this cake! :)