Round Things

It recently dawned on me how, incredibly, pregnancy made me feel like I was constantly with someone for 9 whole months! When I go out alone now (without baby, Freida, of Manasseh) I feel this insane sense of loneliness and keep placing my hand on me belly – trying to feel some kicking action! It’s the weirdest thing!! Aside from that, I’m so glad to be back to normal… and while I let my fingers linger on my empty belly a little longer than normal, I really am overjoyed about feeling like my own self again and knowing that I can now get back in physical shape.

Sariti, a  party-planning friend of mine was inspired a while ago by my balloon post and the Geronimo concept in particular, and did a Bat Mitzvah that was totally tricked out with gigantic balloons! After the party she called me to let me know how depressing it was to let all these beautiful balloons go to waste… so I headed over there for a little impromptu afternoon photo shoot – just for fun!

She was in utter awe at this balloon wonderland, and I just let her walk around the room and explore while I snapped some candid shots…

Thanks for the fun photo op Sariti!! :)