It’s a Wrap: the Caterpillar Unit

Finally, after spending the last 2 months crawling through our little bug’s life unit, we have graduated. We finished off with an art project that will hang out as a reminder of all the bug-lovin’ fun and learning. We did a basic paper plate caterpillar, but when I couldn’t find a frame at the thrift store big enough to host those plates, I grabbed a smaller old frame and shaved down the bug’s body a bit. Freida helped glue on the legs and antennas (and made sure they got some glitter as well)! :)

The finished product turned out cute enough to be given a permanant home with the rest of our living room decor, and Freida is incredibly proud!

We also reviewed the whole bit via library books and magazines on life cycles…

We’re now moving on to a little unit on vegetation, in sync with the whole upcoming Shavuot theme….