My Model-Seder Model!

We held an itty-bitty mock-seder at Freida’s play table this week – just to prep her a bit and get her more interested, excited, and familiar with all the quirky Passover details. I’m a big believer in keeping the kids up and awake to witness and experience all the wholesome goodness invested in all that holiday tradition… but it’s not always very practical – even with an extra nap. She’s very excited that she gets to sing the Mah Nishtanah first (she’s the youngest talking cousin), so I figure she’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t make it at least that far. Thought I’d up my chances of keeping her in the late-night game by peaking her interest in all preliminary steps. I also figured I’d print some pictures and make a little “Haggadah” to help her follow along. She totally surprised me by acting everything out! She even put on a full-fledged crying stint when I gave her the marror! She was definitely enthusiastic, to say the least. :)