Keeping Tea-Times Cozy

And we’re back! Thanks for holding out on our super-long weekend away…

Thinking of all you miserably snowed-in east coast/mid-west folks; while we frolic in our 75° weather (na-na na-na boo-boo!), you girls are possibly stuck at the homefront today with a household of school-free children to entertain through the blizzard.

With you ladies in mind, I noticed the coziest little teapot ever! When snow-days at home chill you out and bog you down, the least you can do it make sure you keep high-tea high. Invite the neighbors to gear up in puffy parkas and rubber snow-boots and make the trek over to your place for some high stylin’, bone warming, herbal infusions via the “spout”, while the kids down the remains of last night’s hot cocoa. This would make for an absolutely lovely gift for a hostess, friends, mother etc. Such a charming way to bring the tea to the table while entertaining…sweater and all! These white glazed stoneware teapots feature a rustic corked lid, spout, and a variety of tea cozies to choose from!

Spout Tpot from Paige Russell, $125.00

If you are in fact snowed-in with the kiddies today, you can re-visit this snow day post. Stay warm!!