Kosher (or not) Animal room Decor

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit MIA as of late: I’m filling in for a friend of mine who had a baby last month, and I’m taking over her Pre-K class for the first month of school. Been busy in and out, setting up the classroom and doing some holiday project prep for the peewees…

I’ve had preschool design on the mind lately (my sister-in-law is opening up a 3-year-old class out of her home this year, an up-and-coming preschool contacted me about consulting with them for some of the design, and I’ve been preoccupied trying to turn an ever-so-typical preschool classroom into a warm, colorful, and peaceful space). When I’ve got a specific space on my mind – I don’t stop seeing things for it!

Stumbled upon a print shop that does the most beautiful work with animal photography! I love what these charming captures can do for the ambience of a preschool/kids space. Anyplace from a child’s nursery, playroom, classroom etc. would do well with a bit of natural, still-life art/photography. It’s said to psychologically bring out the best of compassion within children.

They have a great variety of kosher animals:

But I can’t deny, my favorite is this adorable baby porcupine: (!!)

From The Animal Print Shop, by Sharon Montrose.