Skokie, IL

Greetings from Skokie!

Freida and I (we had to leave DaddyFroo at home a’workin) are busy acclimating ourselves here after jetting out from Long Beach to Ohare… Loving the sunshine (though I hear the morning I left town, the rays peeked through those LA clouds and stuck around!), loving the family, and of course loving the Skokie vibe. This is the first time in a long while that all 6 of us (siblings) get to hang out at home together, and it’s just lovely! I’ve been enjoying every minute, and looking forward to all the great times this next week will bring us. Freida is completely entranced by the beautiful Skokie backyard – she sits and swings under the trees all day!! For now we are just taking it easy, lots of water play (you got to stay cool in this humidity!), frolicking on the grass, backyard picnics, and plenty of time chilling getting to know the aunts, uncles, and cousins. I do have a few fabulous Chicagoland places/activities I’d like to check out before heading back out west, but for now I think we’ll keep it simple until the sleeping schedule is back to pre-jet-lag. : )

I will be blogging and posting from here, albeit a bit more sparingly.

P.S. Check out these wicked Custom State Pillows from this new website featuring trinkets for us gals, Always Fits. This concept would make an awesome gift!!