Redefining: Distracted Driving

Apparently Bugaboo thinks they have the same consumers as Apple (they are probably right). Their newest stroller accessory is an iPhone holder for your handlebar! Talk about distraction – Apple wants to offer us moms-on-go a way to text and browse while steering our brood around town. The holder turns your phone into a mini computer screen,  freeing up our hand, enabling us to text without holding the phone (or the stroller?!). Alright, I’ll drop the sarcasm – I guess it is pretty awesome for listening to music on a Strollercize. (But wouldn’t that be called an iPod holder….?)

Either way, the new accessory is available here.

And because I feel it’s important (and somewhat connected)… for those of you who are not Oprah affluent – please, please, please check out the “distracted driving” (i.e texting while driving) tragedy statistics here.