Play with Perfume

I’m always looking for scents to keep on the go: solids for the diaper bag, samples for my evening bags etc. You never know when you’ll need a good freshening up, and a scent is one of the simplest ways to get that refreshed feeling. Re-apply some lipstick, add a spritz of fragrance – and you’re good to go!

I love this perfume-bubbles concept from Francis Kurdjian! Lightly perfumed, and simplistically packaged, these bubbles release a subtle fragrance when blown; offering some desperate entertainment during a toddler-meltdown-moment, while providing the drained mama with some fresh scented solace. And better  yet – these bubbles won’t stain even your delicate fabrics!

In Cut Herbs, Cold Mint, and (my favorite) Pear. Available here.