Barefoot, Pregnant, & Sexy in the Kitchen!

If you are going to be “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” (which at some point, inevitably, we all have been/will be), you might as well look good in there!! Firstly there’s no better place to be, at that point, than in that kitchen – whipping up some goodies, washing after-party dishes, writing lunch-notes to the kids etc. When Dr. Hertzler coined that phrase he meant it in a good way – whichever feminists tried to twist this into derogatory terminology to describe battered young american women, were so off target! I have to admit, those are three of my favorite pastimes! What a gift to be blessed with carrying a child, livelihood to toil with in the kitchen, and a husband who’s job allows you the liberty to be barefoot (i.e not running anywhere)! I’m with those 50’s housewives all the way!! : ) Anyways, getting back to the “sexy” aspect of things – thought I’d share a great way to turn up the heat without turning on the stove. No one says you got to look drably while making dinner, mopping the floor, or even scrubbing down that bathroom – there is such a thing as eye-candy, and men do appreciate it!

Vintage-inspired sexy fabric aprons & rubber gloves from Gloveables

Contemporary fabric sexy aprons and oven mitts from Anthropologie