Superbowl Sustenance

I think it’s high time we spruce up their “classic” (artery-clogging) superbowl feast – nix some of those Trans Fats to trade for some Omega 3’s! Here’s a little roundup of my favorite good-for-you game-day recipes…

1) Rachel Ray’s Kettle Corn

Sweet & salty popcorn that is oh-so-addictive! A tasty, healthy(er) snacking food to keep nearby for nervous-noshers throughout the game…

2) White Bean Balsamic dip from Bon Appétit

A hearty, healthy, protein-loaded chow – just call it “dip” and they’ll love it! (you can skip the SD tomato oil, just drizzle some Olive Oil with a dash of oregano)…

3) Artichoke dip from Everyday Food

Best artichoke dip ever!!! Perfect with baked garlic pita chips.

4) Epicurious Salmon Burgers with Dill Sauce

Guy-friendly healthy-fare! Still finger-food enough, yet good for the heart & mind! : )

5) Martha’s Hot & Sweet Chicken Wings

A simple classic recipe – wayyyy better for you then takeout!

6) Football Deviled Eggs from Southern Living

This cute idea made me smile… Sounds pretty tasty too!