In the News… iPad Unveiling

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s new gizmo: the iPad. At $499 this device allows us to surf the Web, read e-books, watch movies/tv shows, download apps, etc. all while on the go. Jobs gushed about it being “magical”, and I may just have to agree… I know there is a whole lot of talk circulating the “need” of such a gadget, but I think this is a mom’s dream invention (can’t stop thinking of ways this would make our job easier!), I mean most people buy laptops (hiked up way higher than $500) and use them for four things only: internet, music, movies, and pictures! So I don’t see the iPad as “ridiculous” at all (okay, aside from it’s awkward name – I was rooting for iTab), in fact I must admit that I can definitely see this becoming the next big thing – owned by people the world over…  Read more about it here.