I felt it!

So, I’m sure you kinda noticed that I’ve been super into all things wool/knit etc. Apparently I’m going through a “warming” phase – trying to bring some warmth to my (overtly minimalist-modern) home through textures and natural materials. Saw these wool felted bowls yesterday in the Anthropologie sale nook, and I can’t get them out of my head! (I have a golden rule, when shopping for things I don’t (really) need, if I am still thinking about something two days later – i probably should go back and get it.) So these bowls – non uniform, rustic, natural, and totally toasty. Only issue was, what would I use them for to justify the purchase? It finally dawned on me in the early morning hours – these would be perfect planters! I want to fill them with soil and plants, and give them a home on the windowsill above my kitchen sink!! Colorful, drainable, earthy, and completely contrasting my clean-lined kitchen… I’ll let you know how it turns out – with a DIY of course! Wish me luck… : )