Here’s the stitch…

The latest piece of furniture acquired in our home is my “home office” desk, which we nestled into a nook in the hallway between the bedrooms (I had been working at my husbands desk, the dining room table, the kitchen bar – needed a settlement). Once I assembled, installed, and set up shop, I found myself constantly on the lookout for accessories and gimmicks to make the space even more individual and even more functional… I am currently obsessing over “catchalls” – a place to drop your phone, keys, spare change, mail, jewelry etc.

I coveted this one, but it was $58.00…… not $58.00 anymore!!!

Anthropologie’s Crochet Basket Kit, Lace. $9.95 (whoohoo!!)

Knit your own totally unique, totally imperfect, totally charming yarn catchall! Set includes two knitting needles, yarn, and instuctions.